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Software as a Service (SaaS).

We offer our services via the Cloud, doing away with all hardware and software issues for our clients.

The SaaS comes with unlimited user access licences for both server and front end applications.

Our customer only needs to have a PC, tablet or smartphone to access the Front Office application.



Stock and store management

In the back-Office, warehouse management is performed, Stocks; Requisitions; Supplier-orders; Inventory-management



Flight schedule and meal uplift

The Operations module manages all daily activities like flight schedules; pax input; Special meals; Additional uplifts; Last-Minute Additions; ATC related changes; Delivery notes; Loading diagrams; Operational reports



Menu Recipe Product

Production gives access to all production related reports; planning; Products; Recipes; Menu's



airline catering equipment uplift

The equipment setup team will use this module to get all related reports and Loading Diagrams to fill the aircraft.


Sales & Accounts

Flight billing invoice accountancy

Sales and accounts handles the reconciliation of the flights and billing to customers; Sales and performance reports.


Costing & Marketing

menu spec technical specifications

Costing and Marketing takes care of all customer related topics like Products; Recipe; the menu development and scheduling; Uplift scheduling; Pricing;

Management Information


management report flight catering

MIS provides instant performance reports for executive management

eMos Display

Flight catering display

eMos Display is a dash-tool where all flights are displayed with their ETD; pax and docking information

eMos Online

Catering menu spec display

Here, all content of flights can be consulted on the screen. The drilldown function allows the user to check till the raw material level.

Worldwide One-stop solution provider for airline caterers

MPPiTEC airline catering and inflight services software
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