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Inflight Service Center: Malaysia Airlines Catering Division & LSG SKY CHEFS Brahim Bhd. Sdn

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LSG Sky Chefs Brahim Sdn. Bhd. a consortium LSG Sky Chefs and Malaysian Airline (MAS Catering).

Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia
(220+ Daily Flights, 35000-45000+ Daily Meals, 33+ Customers

LSG SKY CHEFS Brahim Sdn. Bhd - Kuala Lumpur, is the largest Inflight Service Center in Malaysia, located near Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia, situated in Sepang Kuala Lumpur International Airport, serving its National Airline Malaysia Airlines, a tri-consortium headed by LSG SKY CHEFS, servicing and Catering all National and most International Airlines flying to and from Kuala Lumpur.


Project Leaders and Project Staff

The project members of then MAS Catering Sdn. Bhd, conducted a smooth and intense project implementation flow, constantly monitored by the Project Leaders namely Mr. Hanz Hanafiah (Director of IT), Mr. Daniel Lim (Manager of Projects) and MR. Zabarudin Zainolabidin (Operations Planning Executive) and the Administration board.

Regular scheduled meetings between both the INFLITEMANAGER team and Catering staff, allowed the automation to seamlessly integrate within there existing business flow.

We thank all the staff and Management for there efforts and contributions, who without there help would have not allowed for such progress in such a short period.

Snapshots: LSG SKY CHEFS Team-Work

Snapshots: LSG SKY CHEFS O.C.C (Ops Control Center)

Snapshots: LSG SKY CHEFS Production Sections

Snapshots: LSG SKY CHEFS in-sight of Digital Production Management


LSG SKY CHEFS enhanced its customer service with integrated "Systemic Labor Module".

The LSG SKY CHEFS team was honoured with our award, for their accomplished integration at Kuala Lumpur International airport, serving an average of 35,000+ meals per day with well over 220+ wide-bodied flights departing daily.

An extraodinary team to ensure its customers and there passengers get the ultimate service satisfaction.

LSG SKY CHEFS pioneering the airline catering business in the Asia-Pacific region, using "Real-Time Labour Analysis" with IN-FLITE MANAGER OFFICE Systems, is now fully Labour Service based, and now provides e-Service to its Customer via ePricing quoting now on both materials and services at a touch of a button, successful with an exceptional joint-team effort.

The ultimate success awarded to Mr. Mahlon Hubbard(Ex: GM) and Mr. Pieter Harting (Present GM) in this break-through, ensuring the "LEAN Production Process Management" headed by its GM is completed, providing its passengers with meal quality band freshness, our congratulationsn to the new generation "General Managers".

LSG SKY CHEFS new operations office, a KEY to centralized data management.

The operations management, now enjoy the most modern and state-of-the-art operations control center (O.C.C), overlooking every aspect of the Kuala Lumpur catering business operations, synchronizing all customer requisites at a touch of a button, and seemlessly expediting last-minute requirements with sophisticated multi-port print routines and displays, ensuring each request is promptly managed up to customer hand-over.

Kuala Lumpur International Airport and its passengers now benefit from a truelly 5 x star service.

News Section:


IN-FLITE MANAGER OFFICE for Windows® expands its present catering network located at MAS Catering Sdn. Bhd, to Malaysia Airlines Cabin Crew Services building for Crew awareness of flights and Meals being boarded, and also to Malaysia Airlines Terminal Services at Counter Ticket / check-in services providing total awareness of meal counts and service offered to its passengers.MAS Catering Sdn. Bhd a division of Malaysia Airlines based in Kuala Lumpur International airport, has already begun this initiative training its cabin crew and its traffic staff at the ticket counter desk on this new supporting service.In-flite Manager staff are working closely with MAS Catering staff in assisting to achieve this innovative pictorial and informative service.

IN-FLITE MANAGER OFFICE for Windows® now e-Based.

IN-FLITE MANAGER OFFICE for Windows® released its Second Edition earlier this year, this official release incorporates a revised kernel enriching its modules with HTML Web-based features. IN-FLITE MANAGER OFFICE now "e-Based" opened doors to true electronic communication.MAS Catering installs eIN-FLITE MANAGER OFFICE for Windows® and have now the flexibility to distribute and communicate effectively with there clients exchanging information on-line at a touch of a button

MAS Catering / LSG SkyChefs installs AMOS Display.

MAS Catering Sdn. Bhd. in joint venture with LSG/Sky Chefs, recently installed AMOS DISPLAY for BIG Screens, a sub-module dependent off IN-FLITE MANAGER OFFICE for Windows® central databases, concluding the full office installation, namely AMOS On-line and AMOS DISPLAY for BIG Screens.

Award of Achievement for "Total Integration" 

Our staff presents LSG SKY CHEFS Brahin Sdn. Bhd. our Prestigious Award of Achievement, for LSG SKY CHEFS vision and commitment to digital Integration within its Catering Division subscribing its customers to systemic labor based pricing and billing pro-active module.This joint mandate was conducted together with the LSG SKY CHEFS team, namely Mrs. Carolyn Brady and the INFLITEMANAGER team, who worked closely to develop and deploy Systemic Labor based module. a special thankyou to its GM Mr Malon Hubbard and now his successor Mr Pieter Harding (ex Hong Kong GM) now managing one of the largest international LSG SKY CHEFS units in the ASEAN Region.

Award of Achievement for "Total Integration"

In-flite Manager is proud to present MAS Catering Sdn.Bhd. (Malaysia Airlines) with our Prestigious Award of Achievement, for there vision and commitment to Digital Integration within its Airline Catering Division.This company now administer 100% digital Integration, continuously maximizing there TFC - Theoretical Food Cost / Potential Food Cost.

Welcome Aboard!

Malaysia Airlines Catering - Kuala Lumpur In-flite Manager Office systems continues to expand in Asia, and is pleased to welcome Malaysia Airlines Catering on-board, a Inflight Catering division of Malaysia Airlines, being largest national Inflight Caterer in Malaysia, hosting a Hub-sized Inflight Catering service center to its capital, Kuala Lumpur International airport. Malaysia Airlines Catering joins our Prestigious and Award winning panel of Customers, consisting of "Independent Corporate Caterers", to "Government owned" Airline affiliated Caterers.Galsoft Sdn Bhd, will be jointly hosting the implementation, which is scheduled to commence shortly.